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coming, in the which all that are (a) John v. 28, 29. The Hour is in the Graves fhall hear his VOICE, and fhall come forth; they that have done Good, unto the Refurrestion of LIFE; and they that have done Evil, unto the Refurrec tion of DAMNATION.

(b) Rev. XIX. II. I faw Heaven opened, and behold, a white Horse, and he that fat upon him was called FAITHFUL and TRUE, and in Righteoufnefs he doth judge and make War. Dan. v11. 9, 10. I-beheld till the Thrones were caft down, and the Ancient of Days did fit, whofe Garment was white as

Snow, and the Hair of his Head like the pure Wool; his Throne was like the fiery Flame, and his Wheels as burning Fire; a fiery Stream iffued and came forth from before him; thoufand thoufands miniftred unto him, and ten thousand times ten thousand ftood before him; the JunGMENT was fet, and the Books were opened.

Pfalm L. 1, to 6.

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(c) Rev. XIX. 12. His Eyes were as a Flame of FIRE. 2 Theff. 1.7,8. The Lord Jefus fhall be revealed from Heaven,-in flaming FIRE; taking Vengeance of them that know not God, and that obey not the Gospel of our Lord Jefus Chrift. 2 Pet. III. 10, 11, 12. The Day of the Lord will come as a Thief in the Night; in the which the Heavens fhall pass away with a great

Noife, and the Elements fhall melt with fervent Heat; the Earth also, and the Works that are therein, fhall be burnt up. Seeing then that all these things fhall be diffolved, what manner of Perfons ought ye to be, in all holy Converfation and Godliness; looking for, and haftening unto the coming of the Day of God, wherein the Heavens being on Fire, fhall be diffolved, and the Heat?

Elements fhall melt with fervent (d) Matt. xxv. 31. The Son of Man fhall come in his GLORY, and all the holy Angels with him.

(e) Matt.xxv. 32. Before him fhall be gathered all Nations. Rev: xx. 12. I faw the DEAD, fmall and great, ftand before God.

(f) Matt. xxiv. 31. He fhall fend his Angels, with a great Sound of a Trumpet, and they fhall gather together his Elect from the four Winds, &c.

(g) Heb. 1x. 15. He is the Mediator of the New Teftament (or Covenant) that by means of Death, for the Redemption of the Tranfgreffions that were under the first Testament, (or Covenant) they which are called might receive the PROMISE of eternal Inheritance.

b) Habbak 111, 4, 5, 6. God came from Teman, and the Holy One from Mount Paran; his GLORY covered the Heavens, and the Earth was full of his Praife, and his Brightness was as the Light; he had Horns coming out of his Hand, and there was the hiding of his Power: Before him went the Peftilence, and burning Coals went forth at his Feet. He ftood and measured the Earth; he beheld, and drove asunder the Nations, and the everlasting Mountains were scattered, the perpetual Hills did bow; his Ways are everlasting. ver. 10, &c. The Mountains faw thee, and they trembled; the Overflowing of the Water paffed by, the Deep uttered his Voice, and lift up his Hands on high: The Sun and Moon ftood ftill in their Habitation. At the Light of thine Arrows they went, and at the fhining of thy glittering Spear. Thou didst march through the Land in Indignation, thou didit thresh the Heathen in Anger. Thou wentelt forth for the SALVATION of thy People, even for Salvation with thine Anointed; thou woundedft the Head out of the House of the Wicked, by discovering the Foundation unto the Neck. When I heard, my Belly trembled, my Lips quivered at the VOICE; Rottennefs entred into my Bones, and I trembled in my felf, that I might reft in the Day of Trouble. Rev. VI. 12, 14, 15, 16. There was a great EARTHQUAKE,and every Mountain and Inland were moved out of their Places: And the Kings of the Earth, &c. faid to the Mountains and Rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the Face of him that fitteth on the Throne, and from the Wrath of the Lamb.

b Pfalm xv111. 8, to 15.


and TREMBLED, the Foundations alfo of the Hills Mov ED, and were shaken because he was wroth. There went up a Smoke out of his Noftrils, and Fire out of his () Mouth DEVOURED, Coals were kindled by it.

He bowed the Heavens and (k) CAME DOWN, and Darkness was under his Feet.

And he rode upon a Cherub and did fly, yea, he did fly upon the Wings of the


He made Darknefs his fecret Place; his Pavilion round about him were dark WATERS, and thick (2) CLOUDS of the Skies.

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Lord fhall CONSUME with the Spi(i) 2 Theff. 11. 8. Whom the rit of his Mouth, and fhall DESTROY with the Brightness of his coming.

(k) i Theff. 1v. 16. For the Lord himself fhall defcend from Heaven, with a Shout, with the Voice of the Archangel, and with the Trump of God, and the dead in Chrift Thall rife first, then we which are alive and remain, fhall be caught up together with them in the Clouds to

meet the Lord in the Air, and so

fhall we ever be with the Lord.

(1) Matt. XXVI. 64. Hereafter fhall ye fee the Son of Man fitting on the right Hand of POWER, and coming in the CLOUDS of Heaven. Matt. XXIV. 29, 30. Immediately after the Tribulation of those Days, fhall the Sun be darkned, and the Moon fhall not give her Light, and the Stars fhall fall from Heaven, and the Powers of the Heavens fhall be fhaken, and then fhall appear the Sign of the Son of Man in Heaven; and then fhall all the Tribes

of the Earth mourn, and they fhall fee the Son of Man coming in the CLOUDS of Heaven, with Power and great Glory.

(m) Rev. 1v.5. Out of the Throne proceeded LIGHTNINGS, and THUNDERING S, and VOICES; Chap. XVI. 18, 21. There were VoICES, and THUNDERS, and LIGHTNINGS. And there fell upon Men a great Hail out of Heaven.

Then the Chanels of Waters were feen, and the (n) FOUNDATIONS of the round World were difcovered, at thy Rebuke, O Lord, at the Blaft of the Breath of thy Noftrils.

Fear before him, all the Earth; fay among the Hea

Pfalm xcv1.9, tó 13.

(1) Rev. xvI. 18,20. There was a great EARTHQUAKE, fuch as was not fince Men were upon the Earth, fo mighty an Earthquake and fo great; and every Island fled away, and the Mourtains were not found,

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then, that the Lord (0)


He fhall (p) JUDGE the People righteously.

Let the Heavens (7) REJOICE, and let the Earth be glad; let the Sea (r) ROAR, and the fulness thereof.

(0) Rev. x1.15. The KINGDOMS of this World, are become the KINGDOMS of our Lord, and of his

Chrift; and he fhall reign for ever

and ever.

(P) Rev. xx. 11,12, &c. And I faw a great white Throne, and him that fat on it, from whole Face the Earth and the Heaven fled away, and there was found no place for them. And I faw the DEAD small

and great stand before God, and the Books were opened, and another Book was opened, which is the Book of Life; and the Dead were JUDGED out of those things which were written in the Books, according to their Works: And the Sea gave up the Dead which were in it, and Death and Hell delivered up the Dead which were in them, and they were JUDGED every Man according to their Works; and Death and Hell were caft into the Lake of Fire; this is the fecond Death: And whofoever was not found written in the Book of Life, was caft into

the Lake of Fire. 2 Cor. v.10. We mult all appear before the JUDGMENT Seat of Chrift, that every one may receive the things done in his Body, according to that which he hath done, whether it be good or bad. As xv11. 31. He hath appointed a Day, in the which he will JUDGE the World in Righteoufness, by that Man whom he hath ordained; whereof he hath given Affurance unto all Men, in that he hath raifed him from the dead. Ecclef. x11. 14. For God fhall bring every Work into JUDGMENT, with every secret thing, whether it be Good, or whether it be Evil.

(9) Rev. XVIII. 20. REJOICE over her, thou Heaven, and ye holy Apoitles and Prophets, for God hath avenged you on her. Chap. xIx. 1. I heard a great Voice of much People in Heaven, faying, Allelujah ; SALVATION, and GLORY, and HONOUR, and POWER unto the Lord our God.

Let the Field be joyful and all that is therein; then fhail all the Trees of the Wood rejoice before the Lord.

For he COMETH to JUDGE the Earth, he fhall JUDGE the World with (s) RIGHTEOUSNESS, and the People with his TRUTH.

Unto & the Wicked, God faith, What haft thou to do (t) to DECLARE my Statutes,

(r) Rev xix. 6,7. I heard as it were the Voice of many Waters, faying, Allelujah, for the Lord Ged omnipotent reigneth: Let us be glad, and rejoice, and give Honour to him.

(s) Rev. XIX. 2. For TRUE and RIGHTEOUS are his JUDGMENTS. (t) Matt. xxv. 31, 32, 6. When the Son of Man fhall come in his Glory, and all the holy Angels with him, then fhall he fit upon the Throne of his Glory. And before him thall be gathered all Nations: And he fhall feparate them one from another, as a Shepherd divideth his Sheep from his Goats. And he fhall fet the Sheep on his right Hand, but the Goats on the left. Then fhall the King fay unto them on his right Hand; Come, ye bleffed of my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the Foundation of the World; for I was an hungred, and ye gave me Meat; I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink;


• Psalmīl, 16, to 23.

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tutes, or that thou fhouldft naked, and ye cloathed me; I was take my Covenant in thy fick, and ye vifited me; I was in Mouth? Prifon, and ye came unto me: Inafmuch as ye have done it unto one of the leaft of thefe my Brethren, ye have done it unto me. Then fhall he fay unto them on the left into everlafting Fire, prepared for Hand, Depart from me, ye curfed, the Devil and his Angels; for I was Meat; I was thirty, and ye gave an hungred, and ye gave me no me no drink; I was a Stranger, and ye took me not in; naked, and ye cloathed me not; fick, and in Pri

fon, and ye vifited me not: For inafmuch as ye did it not to one of

the leaft of thefe, ye did it not to
me: And thefe fhall go into ever-
teous into LIFE eternal. Matt.
lafting PUNISHMENT,but the Righ-
VII. 22. Many will fay unto me in
that Day, Lord, Lord, have we not
will I profefs unto them, I never
prophefied in thy Name? And then
knew you; Depart from me, ye
that work INIQUITY.

doth Evil, HATETH the LIGHT.
(u)John 111. 20. Every one that

(x) 2 Pet. 111. 9. The Lord is LONG-SUFFERING to us-ward, not willing that any fhould PERISH; but that all fhould come to REPEN

Seeing thou (u) HATEST INSTRUCTION, and cafteft my Words behind thee.

When thou faweft a Thief, thou confentedft with him, and haft been Partaker with Adulterers.

Thou giveft thy Mouth to Evil, and thy Tongue fram

eth Deceit.

Thou fitteft and fpeakeft against thy Brother, thou flandereft thine own Mother's Son.

These things haft thou done, and I kept (x) SILENCE; thou thoughteft that I was altogether fuch a one as thy felf, but I will reprove thee, and fet them in order before thine (y) EYES. Now confider this, ye that forget God, left I tear you in pieces, and there be none deliver.


Whofo (2) offereth Praise, GLORIFIETH me; and to him that ordereth his Converfation aright, will I fhew the SALVATION of God.


(y) I Cor. 111. 13. Every Man's Work fhall be made MANIFEST, for the Day fhall declare it.

(2) Heb. x111. 15. By him therefore let us offer the Sacrifice of the Fruit of our Lips, giving PRAISE to God continually, that is, THANKS to his Name.

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