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supreme court of the state of York. Vols. 4, 5.
York, 1872. (2 copies.) 4 v.
Law Journal reports; for 1872.



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branches of the legal profesLondon, 1872. 8°.

Law Magazine and Law Review. Vol. 32, (part 1.) For Nov., 1871. [All ever published of vol. 32.] London, 1871. 8°. Law Magazine and Review; for both sion at home and abroad. Vol. 1. Law pamphlets. [Collection in 8°.] their respective authors or titles. Law reports. Chancery appeal cases (including bankruptcy and lunacy cases), before the lord chancellor and the court of appeal in chancery. Vol. 6, 1870-1. G. W. Hemming, editor. London,

1871. 8°.

Court of common pleas. editor. London, 1871. 8°.

Vols. 46-51.

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Contents under

1870-1. J. R. Bulwer,

Equity cases, before the master of the rolls, the vice chancellors, and the chief judge in bankruptcy. Vols. 11 and 12. 1870–1. G. W. Hemming, editor. London, 1871. 2 v. 8°.

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Vol. 3. 1869-71.

Privy council appeals.
Moore, reporter. London, 1871. 8°.

Edmund F.

Vol. 6. 1870-1. J. R. Bulwer,

Court of queen's bench. editor. London, 1871. 8°. Lawyers' Record and official register of the U. S. Containing federal, state, county and city officials.... and a record of practicing lawyers throughout the U. S.... with a digest of the laws of the several states upon subjects of commercial law and the descent of property. For 1872. By H. Charles Ulman. New York, 1872. property.


Legal Gazette. Vol. IV, 1872. Edited by John H. Campbell and Theo. F. Jenkins. Philadelphia, 1872. ́ ̄fo.

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Leitch (D. K.) et al. v. Henry Wells, Pres't &c. commissioners of appeals of N. Y., in the case. 8°. Law pam. v. 51.

Lester, G. N. Reporter. See Geo. rep., v. 33.

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Opinions of the New York, 1872.

Letter (A) concerning libels, warrants, the seizure of papers, and sureties for the peace, etc. 3d ed. London, 1765. 8°. Law pam.

v. 48.

Letter to John C. Cook et al. jurors empanneled to try the indictment against Joseph A. Whitmarsh, for libel. Boston, 1838. 8°. Trials, v. 32.

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Marine seizures: or, a vindication of the right of jury trial in the federal courts, in cases of seizures, made upon tide waters.... New York, 1832. 8°. Law pam. v. 51.

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Maryland. Maryland reports.

Court of appeals. Vols. 34, 35.

By J. Shaaff Stockett. Baltimore, 1872. 2 v. 8°. Massachusetts. Massachusetts reports. Supreme judicial court. Vols. 104, 105. By Albert G. Browne, jr. Boston, 1872. 2 v. 8°. Massachusetts digest. Vol. 3, 1857-69. By E. H. Bennett and H. W. Holland. Boston, 1872. 8°.

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Report of the case.


Mayor &c of Baltimore v. Baltimore & Ohio R. R. Co. In the circuit court for Baltimore city, 1863. more, 1863. 8°. Law pam. v. 46. Meade, Richard W. The claim of.... upon the U. S., concisely stated; with all the documents and other papers connected with it. Philadelphia, 1825. With Memorial of Jan. 26, 1822. And Remarks on the report of the special committee of the senate; dated March 31, 1826. 8°. Law pam. v. 50.

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Milne, James S. Reporters
Reporter. See Stuart, R.
Miner (A. A.) and R. C. Pitman.
A review of Gov. Andrew's veto.
v. 48.

Mississippi. Mississippi reports.
46. By J. S. Morris, (v. 1-4.)
4 v. 8°

Shall criminals sit on the jury?
Boston, 1865. 8°. Law pam.

Supreme court. Vols. 43, 44, 45,
Jackson [and] Chicago, 1871-72.

See Miss. rep., v. 43.

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Reports of cases, heard and determined by the judicial committee and the lords of her majesty's most honourable privy council, on appeal from the Sudder Dewanny Adawlut and high courts of judicature in the East Indies. Vol. 13. 1869-70. London, 1871. 8°.

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National Bankruptcy Register: containing full reports of all important bankruptcy decisions in the U. S. Vols. 5, 6 A. W. Gazzam, H. C. Ulman and Wm A. Shinn, editors. New York, 1871-72. 2 v. 8°.

(Vols. 1-4, were published, in quarto, under the title of "Bankrupt Register.")

National digest. A digest of the reports of the U. S. courts, and of Vol. 5, 1868-72. By B. V. Abbott. New

the acts of congress.

York, 1872. 8°.

Nevada. Nevada reports.
Helm and T. H. Hittell.

Supreme court. Vol. 7. By Alfred
San Francisco, 1872. 8°.

Supreme court rules, 1872. See Nev. rep., v. 7.

New Hampshire. New Hampshire reports. Supreme judicial court. Vols. 49, 50. By John M. Shirley Concord, 1872. 2 v. 8°.

Opinions of justices Clagett and Evans, on the act of June 24, 1813, entitled "An Act establishing a Supreme Judicial Court," etc. Concord, 1813. 8°. Law pam. v. 51.

New Jersey. New Jersey equity reports. Court of chancery, prerogative court, and court of errors and appeals. Vol. 22. By C. E. Green, (v. 7.) Trenton, 1872. 8°.

New Sydenham Society: Publications.
Casper, J.

Vols. 12, 16, 21, 26. See

New York. New York reports. Court of appeals. Vols. 45-48. Vol. 48 contains cases decided in the commission of appeals. Vol. 45, by Samuel Hand, (v. 6); vols. 46-48, by H. E. Sickels, (v. 1, 2, 3.) Albany, 1872. (2 copies.) 8 v. 8°.


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Court of appeals. Calendar for the year 1872. Albany, 1872.

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Printed papers (including briefs and points of counsel,) in cases heard from Sept., 1871, to July, 1872. Vols. 276–326. [Collected.] In 51 v. 8°.

Cases of contested elections to seats in the assembly of N. Y. ...from 1777 to 1871. Compiled by C. W. Armstrong. Albany, 1871. (2 copies.) 2 v. 8°.

A compilation of breaches of privilege of the house, in the assembly of N. Y.....from 1777 to 1871. Comp. by C. W. Armstrong. Albany, 1871. (2 copies.) 2 v. 8°.

Opinions of the attorneys general of N. Y., from the formation of the state government, to 1872. Comp. by Hiram E. Sickels. Albany, 1872. 8°.

Black River Flood case.

The testimony taken before the board. of canal appraisers, and the arguments of counsel thereon. 186971. [Collected.] In 3 v. 8°.

Nisbet, E. A. In memoriam. See Geo. rep., v. 43.

North Carolina. North Carolina reports. Supreme court. Vol. 66. By Wm. M. Shipp. Raleigh, 1872.


Nott (Charles C.) and S. H. Huntington. Cases decided in the court of claims of the U. S. Vols. 5, 6. Washington, [1870-71.] 2 v. 8°.


O'Gorman, Richard. Report to the assembly of N. Y., in answer to a resolution of March 11, 1872. 8°. Law pam. v. 51. O'Hara, John P. A treatise on the interpretation of wills, showing the American and English rules of testamentary construction. New York, 1872. See Wigram on extrinsic ev., 2d Am. ed. Editor. See Wigram on extrinsic ev., 2d. Am. ed.

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