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Trials. [Collection in 8°.] Vols. 30-32.

respective titles.

Ulman, H. C. Editor. See National Bankruptcy Register, v. 5, 6; Lawyers' Record and official register of the U. S., 1872.

Uniacke, Crofton. A letter to the lord chancellor on the necessity and practicability of forming a code of the laws of England... Boston, 1827. 8°. Law pam. v. 51.

United States. U. S. digest; containing a digest of decisions of the various courts within the U. S. New series, vols. 1, 2. For 1870, 1871. By B. V. Abbott. Boston, 1872. 2 v. 8°.

Court of claims. Rules, 1871. See Nott and H. rep., v. 6.
Statutes relating to. See N. and H.
See N. and H. rep., v. 6.

Circuit court; eighth circuit.

c. rep., v. 1.

v. 2.

v. 1.

Rules, 1871. See Dillon's c.

southern dist. of Ohio. Rules, 1871. See Bond's rep.,

Bankruptcy rules, (dist. of Mass.), 1871. See Lowell's dec.,

(dist. of Ohio), 1871. See Bond's rep., v. 2.


Vans, William. An exposition of the pretended claims of Wm. Vans on the estate of John Codman; with an appendix of documents, etc. Boston, 1837. 2 v. 8°.

Vermont. Vermont reports. Supreme court. Vols. 43, 44.
W. G. Veazey, (v. 8, 9.) Montpelier, 1871-72. 2 v.


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Wait, William. A table of [New York] cases affirmed, reversed or cited in any of the volumes of the reports of the state of New York, from 1794 to 1872. Albany, 1872. 8°.

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The practice at law, in equity, and in special proceedings, in all the courts of record in the state of New York. Vol. 1. Albany, 1872. 8°.

Wallace, H. B. Editor. See Hare, J. I. C.

Wallace, John Wm. Cases in the circuit court of the U. S., for the third circuit. Vol. 3. Philadelphia, 1871. 8°.

Cases argued and adjudged in the supreme court of the U. S. Vols. 12, 13. Washington, 1872. 2 v. 8°.

Walters, Robert. A letter to the lord chancellor of Great Britain, on the administration of the laws of real property. London, 1829. 8°. Law pam. v. 48.

Warden, Alex. J. Burgh laws of Dundee, with the history, statutes, and proceedings of the guild of merchants and fraternities of craftsmen. London, 1872. 8°.

Ware, John. Trial for the murder of John A. Ware. Court of oyer and terminer, Camden co. N. J., 1871. State of the case, [as pre

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sented] to the court of pardons of N. J. 8°. Law pam. v. 48. Webb, W. C. Reporter. See Kansas rep., v. 6.

Weekly Notes. Part I, containing notes of cases heard and determined in the [courts of Great Britain] during 1871. Part II, containing rules and orders of the courts....and miscellaneous legal information, for 1871, with alphabetical lists of bankrupts, etc. London, 1871. 4°.

Weekly Reporter. Containing cases decided in the superior courts of England and Ireland. Vol. 20, 1871-72. With a digest of all the cases decided in the superior courts of England and Ireland, 1871-72. By H. N. Mozley and T. C. Blofield. London, 1872. roy. 8°.

Weightman, Hugh. The medical practitioners' legal guide; or, the law relating to the medical profession. London, 1870. 8°.

Wendt, Ernst E. Papers on maritime legislation. 2d ed. London, 1871. 8°.

Weston, N. In memoriam. See Maine rep., v. 59.

Wetherill, S. Editor. See Williams on per. prop., 4th Am. ed. Wharton, Mrs. Elizabeth G. Trial, on the charge of poisoning Gen. W. S. Ketchum. Court of appeals of Md., Dec., 1871-Jan., 1872. Reported and published by the Baltimore Gazette, 1872. 8°. Wharton, Francis. A treatise on the conflict of laws, or private international law, including a comparative view of Anglo-American, Roman, German and French jurisprudence. Philadelphia,

1872. 8°.

and A. Stillé. Treatise on medical jurisprudence. 3d ed. Vol. 1: mental unsoundness. Philadelphia, 1873. 8°. Wheelock, E. M. Reporter. See Texas rep., v. 32.

Whiting, William., Argument in the case of Brooks et al. v. Fisk

et al., before the supreme court of the U. S., Dec., 1853. Boston, 1854. 8°. Law pam. v. 49.

Wight, Alexander. An inquiry into the rise and progress of parliament, chiefly in which is added an appendix, containing several curious papers and instruments.... Edinburgh, 1784. 4°.

Wigram, Sir James. A treatise on extrinsic evidence in aid of the interpretation of wills. 2d Am. ed., by John P. O'Hara. New York, 1872. With A treatise on the interpretation of wills, showing the American and English rules of testamentary construction. By John P. O'Hara. New York, 1872. In 1 v. 8°. Williams, Sir E. V. Editor. See Saunders' rep.

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Williams, Joshua. Principles of the law of personal property. 4th Am. from the 7th London ed., by Benj. Gerhard and Samuel Wetherill. Philadelphia, 1872.80.

-. Principles of the law of real property. 4th Am. from the 9th London ed., by W. H. Rawle and J. T. Mitchell. Philadelphia, 1872. 8°.

Wisconsin. Wisconsin reports. Supreme court. Vols. 26, 27. By O. M. Conover. Chicago, 1872. 2 v. 8°.

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Judicial history of Wisconsin territory. See Pinney's rep., v. 1. Wolferstan, F. S. P. Editor. See Rogers on elections, 11th ed. Wooler, Joseph S. Examination, before the magistrates at Darlinglington, [Eng], charged with causing the death of his wife, by administering poison. Darlington, 1855. 8°. Trials, v. 31. Woolworth, J. M. Argument for the def't, in the case of the Union Pacific R. R. Co. v. Durant. U. S. cir. court, dist. of Nebraska, 1871. 8°. Law pam. v. 46.

Wyche, William. An essay on the theory and practice of fines; with precedents. New York, 1794. 8°. Law pam. v. 49. Wyse, Francis. A letter addressed to the....jurors, empanneled in the cause of Francis Wyse v. James Buchanan.... New York, 1836. 8°. 8°. Law pam. v. 51.


Yerger, Wm. In memoriam. See Miss.

rep., v. 46.



Alabama. Acts, 1871-2. Montgomery, 1872. 8°.

Albany. Proceedings of the common council, for the years 1868, 1871. Albany, 1868-71. 2 v.

2 v.


Manual for the common council, 1872. By Hale Kingsley. Albany, 1872. 8°.

Ordinances, [in force, 1872.] Compiled by S. W. Rosendale, E. J. Meegan and M. Delehanty. Albany, 1872. 8°.

-County. Statutes relating to the Albany county penitentiary, with forms, etc. Comp. by N. C. Moak. Albany, 1872. 8°. Arizona. Compiled laws of the territory of Arizona, including the Howell code and the session laws from 1864-1871, inclusive. Compiled by Coles Bashford. Albany, 1871. 8°. Arkansas. House journal, 1871.

Senate journal, 1866-7, 1871.


Little Rock, 1871. 8°.

Little Rock, 1870-71. 2 v. 8°.

Boston. Documents of the city of Boston, for the year 1871. Boston, 1872. 3 v. 8°.

British Colonies and Dependencies. India. The Indian penal code. By Angelo J. Lewis. London, 1870.

sm. 4°.

The Indian code of civil procedure. By Angelo J. Lewis. London, 1871. sm. 4°.


California. Statutes, 1871-2. Sacramento, 1872. 8°.

- Senate and assembly journals, 1871–2. Sacramento, 1872. 2 v. 8°.

- Revised laws: Penal code, [as reported by the com'rs.] Sacramento, 1871.


Canada. Statutes, 1872. Ottawa, 1872. 8°.

House and senate journals, 1872.
Sessional papers, 1872. Vols. 1-6.

Ottawa, 1872. 2 v. 8°.

Ottawa, 1872. 6 v. 8°.

Connecticut. Public acts, 1872. Hartford, 1872. 8°.

Special acts and resolutions, 1872. New Haven, 1872. 8°.

Private and special laws. Vol. VI, 1866–1870. Hartford, 1872. 8°.

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House journal, 1872. New Pen, 1872. 8°.

Legislative documents, 1872. Hartford, 1872. 8°.


Dakota. Laws, 1870-1. Yankton, 1870-1. 8°.


Florida. Constitution, framed at a convention of the people, 1868. Jacksonville, 1868. 8°. Law pam. v. 51.


Georgia. Acts and resolutions, 1870.

House and senate journals, 1870.

Atlanta, 1870. 8°.

Atlanta, 1870. 5 v. 8° Great Britain. Public general statutes; passed in the 34th and 35th Vict., 1871. (Law reports, statutes, v. 6.) London, 1871. 8°.

Abridged statutes, 1872. (Law journal, 1872.) London, 1872. sm. 4°.

An act (6 George IV. c. 78), for making provision for the effectual performance of quarantine; with the orders in council, regulations, etc. London, 1825. 4°.


Illinois. Public laws, 1871-2. Springfield, 1872. 8°.

Private laws, 1865, 1867. Springfield, 1865-67. 5 v. 8°.
Reports made to the general assembly, 1871. Springfield,

1871. 2 v. 8°.

India. See British colonies and dependencies.

Indiana. Annual reports, 1871. Indianapolis, 1871-2. 8°.

Iowa. Laws, 1872. Des Moines, 1872. 8°.

Legislative documents, 1872. Des Moines, 1872. 2 v. 8°.


Kansas. Laws, 1867, (special laws) 1868, 1869, 1872. Leavenworth, Lawrence [and] Topeka, 1867-72. In 3 v. 8°.

Public documents, 1871. 8°.

Kentucky. Acts, 1869-70, 1871-2. Frankfort, 1870-72. 4 v. 8°. House and senate journals, 1869-70, 1871, 1871-2. Frankfort, 1869-71. 6 v. 8°.


Legislative documents, 1869, 1871. Frankfort, 1869-71. 5


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