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14 SEP 1962


THE following Supplement has been compiled in strict conformity with the Plan of Classification adopted in the previous Catalogue. The paging being continuous of that Catalogue, and the Index of Authors' Names to both Volumes incorporated and inserted at the end of the Supplement, will render reference to either at once easy and expeditious. To Continuations of Works, or Books relating to Works in the previous Catalogue, a note has been added, referring to the page where the former part is to be found, or to the work to which it relates.

Of the Sessional Parliamentary Papers entered in this Supplement, the greater part were presented to the Institution by the late Dan. Sykes, M.P., and the arrangement, it is hoped, will be found to give a distinct and consecutive view of the subjects to which they relate. These Papers consist of Reports of Committees and of Commissioners, printed by order of the House of Commons, and distributed among the Members. A complete set, from 1816, is not at present obtainable, as several papers on particular subjects are out of print. The present Collection consists principally of Papers published between the years 1822 and 1833. It will be perceived, that even in this Collection several Papers, necessary to form a consecutive series, are wanting. It is very probable that some of these may yet be secured, through the kindness of those gentlemen who are in the habit of favouring the Library with these Papers. To their ordinary arrangement in Volumes, a Classification has been preferred, and the order of time observed, as most suited to the successive kind of information they contain. The description of the Records is principally taken from a series of articles respecting them in the Gentleman's Magazine, and from the works of C. P. Cooper, Esq.

The Laws of the Library, with the alterations and additions made since 1822, are prefixed.






I. THE Institution shall be designated, THE SUBSCRIPTION LIBRARY AT KINGSTON-UPON-HULL, and the books and building in Parliament-street shall be the property of the Subscribers, at present amounting to 474 in number: the building shall be vested in twelve Trustees, and when they shall be reduced by death or legal incapacity to three, nine new Trustees shall be elected, in addition to the survivors, by the Subscribers at a General Meeting.

The surviving Trustees appointed in 1801, by deed from John Alderson, M.D., President, and John Norman Crosse, Treasurer, are—


Rev. J. H. BROMBY, A.M.



II. Any Person desirous of purchasing a new share in the Institution, shall pay into the hands of the Treasurer or Librarian the sum of twenty pounds, and such a proportion of the annual subscription as shall be rated from the time of purchase to the next Annual Meeting.

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