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To the Reformation Society at Bradford, Yorkshire.

Let no man deceive you with vain words. Eph. v. 6.
To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not

according to this word, it is because there is no
light in them. Isa. viii, 20.

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W. Walker, Printer, Otley.


IN this enlightened age of the world, when learning and talent are so powerfully displayed in the various publications which daily issue from the press,

and which are calculated to instruct the simple, and to gratify the critic, many may be led to wonder that such an imperfect work as this should be presented to public notice, or claim any part of the attention of mankind. But, in consideration that piety and good sense will ever confer upon their happy votaries a disposition to judge favourably of the meanest efforts of the humble to detect error and display truth, it is hoped that such characters may be found as will honour it with their candid and favourable at. tention, amidst the sneers of those who


hold it in private contempt, or expose it to public ridicule; and although I am conscious that the work, in many respects, is deficient in manner, yet the matter defies refutation, as it is founded upon reason, experience, and truth.

And tho' some may deem such a work unnecessary, in consequence of the number of publications on a similar

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wid, that a “secular motive was the sti. -:ch heresy,” as they called it; but the s and painful privations he has under

long since put that assertion to silence. -lared that “he was under a delusion by · of Satanic influence, and in a very little ' either become the visible object of leasure, or his new opinions would evasmoke, or dwindle into nothing like the

of a day,” and he would again return ;" on his head. In this also, “the ac

brethren is proved to be the father of instead of being in a delusion that would ate, the lapse of more than nine years engthened his impressions ; being fully that his religious sentiments will be

orthodox in the great day of final and expecting the accomplishment of hich maketh not ashamed. 1 is work come into the hands of any

nolic who may favour it with his atis requested that he lay aside all preexercise his own reason, that he may

iscriminate between truth and error, -r has done, who was once as zealous be in the cause of Popery. And be ito all, that his renunciation of the po Romish Church was not rash and

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