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“We have found Him of whom Moses in che law and prophets
did write, Jesus, the son of Joseph of Nazareth.”—John i. 45.





101. L. 472.


The "Catechism of Scripture History” has been some years used in Manuscript in the Schools of the Sisters of Mercy, Limerick, having been compiled by them for the more easy instruction of their pupils. It was commenced in rather a limited form, and was gradually added to as the children advanced. It is now deemed advisable to print it, both to prevent the inaccuracies likely to arise from frequent transcripts, and to meet the wishes of those who desired to procure copies.

The work is divided into seven parts, the six first comprise the history of the Old Testament, and are arranged according to the computations specified in the annexed Chronological Table. The table and the historical narrative have been copied from the sacred text, and it is only where it became necessary to supply the connecting links in either that any other authority has been consulted. The authors referred to are Josephus, Bossuet, and Petavius.

The object in view in compiling this Catechism was to give the children not only an accurate knowledge of the principal events recorded in holy Scripture, and a clear idea of the time in which each of these occurred, but also to familiarize them with the prophecies relating to our Divine Lord, and thus to lead them to regard the Old Testament as a figure and a foreshadowing of the New. The connexion between both has been developed as clearly as the limits of a school book would allow. The Catechism form is adopted to render it less difficult to commit the facts to memory. Two or three histories have, however, been introduced, partly as exercises in reading, and partly to accustom the pupil to relate events in detail.

The work has been revised by Rev. Dr. OʻREILLY, R. C. College, Maynooth, and is published with the approbation of Right Rev. Dr. Ryan, Limerick.

Chronological Cable



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A.C. Ist. From the Creation to the Deluge includes a space of

1656 years 16562344 2nd. Deluge to the vocation of Abraham, 367 2023 1977 3rd. Vocation of Abraham to the delivery out of Egypt.

430 2453|1547 4th. Delivery out of Egypt to the foun.

dation of the Temple, including 40

years journeying in the desert 519 2972 1028 5th. Foundation of the Temple to the

return from Babylonian Captivity, Ist
year of the reign of Cyrus

482 3454) 646 6th. Return from Babylonian Captivity,

1st year of Cyrus to Birth of Christ 546 J4000]

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Seth was

Enos was


v. 12

V. 16

lst. (From the Creation to the Deluge, are com- REFERENCE.

puted as follows: Adam was

130 years old when his son

Seth was born Genesis v. 3
105 years old when Enos
was born

V. 6
90 years old when Cainan
was born

Cainan was

70 years old when Ma

laleel was born Malaleel was

65 years old when Jared

was born Jared was

162 years old when Enoch

was born Enoch was

65 years old when Ma.

thusalem was born Mathusalem was 187 years old when La

mech was born
Lamech was

182 years old when Noah
was born

..' v. 28
Noah was

500 years old when Sem

was born
Sem was

100 years old at the time of
the Deluge


v. 18

v. 21

V. 25

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V. 31


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