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II. The folly of too great anxiety, 1. It makes us feel afflictions which will

never overtake us, and multiplies

those which certainly will : 160 2. It takes away from us the power either to escape or bear them.

161 3. An anxious concern for futurity robs

us of all the ease and advantages which might arise from a proper and discreet use of the present moment.

-163 4. The presence of evils often suggests

better expedients and wiser counsels, than all our wisdom and foresight

165 5. By our tormenting cares we forfeit

our interest in the divine providence and protection.

166 An exhortation to trust in God.


can do.

SERMON XI. The Wretchedness of living in a

wavering State of Mind.

GEN. xlix. 4. Unstable as Water, thou falt not excel. 169 The occasion of the words.


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