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Foreign merchants - Nature of their assistance to patriots and

royalists.—Remarks upon the formation of the Chileno squa-

dron.—Revenue of Peru.—Receipt and expenditure.—Loan

transactions.—Mistaken policy.-General observations - 253

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(G). An intercepted Letter from General Canterac


(H). An intercepted circular Letter addressed to Colonel Olachea,

from Colonel Carratalá


(I). Letter from Manzanedo to the Alcalde of Pullo 445

(K). Letter from Colonel Manzanedo to Colonel Barrandalla 447

(L). Letter from Colonel Miller to Colonel Brandsen 449

(M). Act of Installation of the Second Congress of Venezuela 450

(N). Project of the Constitution for the Republic of Bolivia,

with an Address of the Liberator


(O). Resignation of Bolivar, addressed to the Senate 519

(P). Proclamation of Bolivar, dated 19th June, 1827 521


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Page 140, 16, - light, read tight. 148, 20,

cocoa, read coca. 167, headline, for Captain Sowersby, read Lieut.-Colonel Sowersby. 215, line 20, for amisione, read amissione. 221, 9, - Nacari, read Ñacari. 230, lines 19, 20, and 26, for Garrate, read Garate. 231, line 19, for Garrate, read Garate. 344, 7, for Carhuamayo, read Ninicaca. 399, from 6th to 31st line to be transposed to 8th line of page 391. 401, headline, for Hauqui, read Huaqui. 427, last line but one, for his, read this.

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